Learn Microsoft SQL Server From Scratch

Master in SQL with the most trending course! explained the core concepts in SQL that are usually very helpful for data analytics

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    Become a SQL Engineer and learn one of employer's most requested skills of 2021!

    Learn SQL, The first step to MSSQL you need to learn to succeed in SQL database application development, it is easy to learn and understand our online MSSQL Training course is designed for you with the complete steps to require to learn real-world dynamic Database concepts. Mr. Sudha Sekhar(MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional) will explain to you even complex topics to simplify and teach you even beginners can understand easily with real-world data science exercises.

    Create a Good and Strong base foundation in MSSQL, With the Complete Microsoft SQL Server Course.

    What you’ll learn

    • Setting up the environment
    • Core SQL practices
    • Build a Database Model
    • learn with queries and apps
    • Understand SQL Queries
    • Write SQL excercises
    • Advanced SQL Query practices
    • Learn SSMS GUI tools


    • Any computer will work: Windows
    • Basic understanding of computers
    • Access to a computer with an internet connection

    Here you know what you learn in this course:

    Learn to develop an MSSQL database using SQL language. This course assumes no prior SQL programming knowledge( basics will help you), just a desire to learn to develop your own DATABASE structure for your application as well.

    Microsoft SQL Introduction

    Microsoft SQL Setting up Local Server Environment

    SQL DataTypes

    SQL Queries

    SQL Statements

    SQL Built-in Functions

    SQL Programming

    SQL reading data rows

    SQL updating data rows

    How to use SSMS for Microsoft SQL Server

    SQL Commands, Clauses, and Operators

    Database import and export using GUI tool

    A Strong Skillset at Your Hands-on Query

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  • Course Faq

    • MS SQL Introduction

      MSSQL is most demanding database technology in the market demands

      MSSQL is a widely used sql query language. most of the Relational database management systems are bult with MS SQL, and you will beal sql query writing to interacting with database tables.

    • How to get help

      Check with your knowledge using documents. For instance Quick help Google or StackOverflow Search Submit your questions on ask QA forums for Details on what you’ve tried with Screenshot of error or code practiced sent through email.

    • How to approach the course

      Best way to approach the course is review videos with your practical hands-on sessions Follow the video guide with notebook extra information for practice Review certain information by reading examples the parts of video sessions.

    • Choosing MSSQL version

      Choosing the version of MS SQL and is to be very difficult decision for new comers and to the always choose the latest version of MSSQL.

      Many companies still had legacy SQL version database implemented and to be maintained the database standards

      In this Course is focusing purely and reaching latest SQL and also followed earlier versions

      The versions were similar enough that it was easy to learn both simultaneously On Most of the major external queries has been updated to support new sql database

      We majorly Focusing Latest version of sql version for all queries and exercises Once you know SQL it’s very easy to Jump start about legacy sql Syntax and query

      MS SQL 2019 is latest and future of MSSQL.

      Follow the video tutorial , we will start with Begin MS SQL Installation.

    • Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

      Be able to read and write on computer system with internet access.

      Interest to learn SQL from scratch.

    • Who can enroll this course as student?

      Beginner SQL developer curious about data science.

      Who are interested in SQL query Language.

      People who want to become a sql programmer on MSSQL.

      Who wants to upgrade career with trending technologies.

      Who wants to levelup skill level for higher positions.

    • Once payment done will i get course link?

      Yes, sure you will get on successfull payment. once payment done please write us at support email - forharisystems@gmail.com along with transaction details like number, name, phone and email used on payment transaction, Important Note: on payment transaction you need to send an email only you will get the course G-drive(google drive) link to download the course

      Similarly you can also share these details on Support WhatsApp +91 7989610153.

    • will i get refund?

      No, on successfull transaction you will not get refund and not transferable to any other on any circumstances

    • Money was debited from my account? Where is my money?

      Your money will be automatically refunded back to the same payment method you used to make this payment in 5-7 working days.

    • Whom should I contact if I don’t get the refund?

      If you used Debit card, Credit cards, Net banking or UPI please contact your bank. If you used Wallets or any other payment service, please contact their customer care.

    • What i do if i get error on my payment gateway?

      You can retry this payment using another payment method.

  • Announcement

    Sekhar Metla Instructor 1 month ago

    Hi all

    Greetings from Harisystems..!

    Great opportunity for you

    Start to learn Fullstack web development to build career as Full-Stack web developer or Freelancer

    This Full-Stack web development 2021: Bootcamp, Course is prepared for beginners who start their career as front end and back end developer, many technologies you will be trained from scratch with practical exercises and assessment tests to test your knowledge levels.

    I would suggest you practice all sessions with real-time examples, you will become a strong career on it or you will be ready to work as freelancer on these opportunities

    all the best for your future endeavors

    Happy Learning


    Sekhar Metla


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    • python
      Krishna Baby Student

      This course is designed to be a complete reference and source. Each section are intelligently organized by topic, so we can reference what we need and practice easily!

    • online courses
      Arti shinha Student

      This was my first course in Harisystems, and with this instructor. This was an excellent first class to jump into the world of SQL. All of the explanations were clear, and you can tell the instructor truly cares about software education. It covers all the most important topics in SQL, and gives just enough theoretical knowledge to have some basic understanding of the algorithms behind the scenes. I'm already using some of the knowledge learned (and practiced!) here at work.

    • learn python
      Rahul Student

      I deeply recommended this python course, Lots of concepts were new to me, but as the explanation is precise and to point was able to understand quickly. The best part was there lots of side notes which are really helpful which you could find as you work through the course.

    • data science
      Daniel J Student

      This is an excellent program with excellent explanation and knowledge sharing course but in query writing no one tells how to test the training model. I am a data science aspirant and trying to learn from whichever decent source available but no where anyone tells the complete format. I thought at least the bootcamp would guide well on that front.

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