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Q. What is HTTP Handler in ?
A. Every request into an ASP.NET application is handled by a specialized component known as an HTTP handler.
The HTTP handler is the most important ingredient while handling ASP.NET requests.

Q. What is the use of using statement in C# ?
A. The using block is used to obtain a resource and use it and then automatically dispose of when the execution of block completed. mvc
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Q. What are Differences between ASP.NET HttpHandler and HttpModule?
A. An HttpModule will execute for every request to your application, regardless of extension, and is generally used for things like security, statistics, logging, etc.
An HttpHandler is generally associated with a specific extension, and is used for things like RSS feeds, dynamic image generation or modification, and the like.

Q. What is serialization in asp.ner applications?
A. When we want to transport an object through network then we have to convert the object into a stream of bytes. The process of converting an object into a stream of bytes is called Serialization. For an object to be serializable, it should implement ISerialize Interface. De-serialization is the reverse process of creating an object from a stream of bytes.

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Q. In C# programming "this" be used within a static method?
A. We can't use ‘this' in a static method because we can only use static variables/methods in a static method.

Q. What is difference between constants and read-only?
A. Constant variables are declared and initialized at compile time. The value can't be changed afterwards. Read only is used only when we want to assign the value at run time.

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