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Q. Explain the states of a thread in C#?
A. Here are the states of thread
Unstarted State
Ready State
Not Runnable State
Dead State

Q.Explain the methods and properties of Thread class in C#?
A. Here are the methods and properties of thread class
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Q. What is an Object?
A. An object is an instance of a class. It contains real values instead of variables. For example, let us create an instance of the class Employee called “Khan”. Employee khan= new Employee();
Now we can access all the methods in the class “Employee” via object “khan” as shown below. khan.setName(“XYZ”);

Q. What are the Access Modifiers in C# ?
A. Different Access Modifier are - Public, Private, Protected, Internal, Protected Internal
Public – When a method or attribute is defined as Public, it can be accessed from any code in the project. For example, in the above Class “Employee” getName() and setName() are public.
Private - When a method or attribute is defined as Private, It can be accessed by any code within the containing class only. For example, in the above Class “Employee” attributes name and salary can be accessed within the Class Employee Only. If an attribute or class is defined without access modifiers, it's default access modifier will be private.
Protected - When attribute and methods are defined as protected, it can be accessed by any method in the inherited classes and any method within the same class. The protected access modifier cannot be applied to classes and interfaces. Methods and fields in a interface can't be declared protected.
Internal – If an attribute or method is defined as Internal, access is restricted to classes within the current project assembly. Protected Internal – If an attribute or method is defined as Protected Internal, access is restricted to classes within the current project assembly and types derived from the containing class.

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Q. Explain Static Members in C# ?
A. If an attribute's value had to be same across all the instances of the same class, the static keyword is used. For example, if the Minimum salary should be set for all employees in the employee class, use the following code. private static double MinSalary = 20000;

Q. What is overriding in c# ?
A. To override a base class method which is defined as virtual, Override keyword is used. In the above example, method DriveType is overridden in the derived class.

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