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Q. Explain ADO.NET?
A. ADO.net Stands for Microsoft ActiveX Data Object. Ado.net is a database technology which we can think like a set of classes that can be used to interact with the data sources like databases and XML files. Asp.net application, windows application, console application are the few types of .net applications that use ADO.NET to connect with the databases to execute commands and retrieve data vice-versa.

Q. What are the key features of ADO.NET?
A. Disconnected Data Architecture.
Data cached in DataSet.
Data transfer in XML Format.
Strongly typed language.

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Q. Why it is important to Connection close an ADO.NET in application?
A. Connections need to be closed properly because it affects the scalability and reliability of the applications. For open connections it is always vulnerable to attack, so to be short, ‘Open connections as late as possible and close it as early as possible’. We can ‘Close’ the connections by ‘final’ block or ‘using’ the USING statement.

Q. How Many types of Session state management options available in ASP.NET?
A. State Management in ASP.NET
A new instance of the Web page class is created each time the page is posted to the server.
In traditional Web programming, all information that is associated with the page, along with the controls on the page, would be lost with each roundtrip.
The Microsoft ASP.NET framework includes several options to help you preserve data on both a per-page basis and an application-wide basis. ... These options can be broadly divided into the following two categories:
Client-Side State Management Options
Server-Side State Management Options

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Q. Explain Client-Side State Management in asp.net?
A. Client-Side State Management
Client-based options involve storing information either in the page or on the client computer.
Some client-based state management options are:
Hidden fields
View state
Query strings.

Q. Explain Server-Side State Management in ASP.NET?
A. There are situations where you need to store the state information on the server side.
Server-side state management enables you to manage application-related and session-related information on the server.
ASP.NET provides the following options to manage state at the server side:
Application state
Session state

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