HTML5 ID attribute tutorial with examples for beginners

id Attribute and Class in HTML

HTML id attribute, class and its usage

id attribute and class its usage in HTML

In this attribute id we use for a unique identity for an HTML element, it can be used by CSS and JavaScript to perform id based tasks with specified value. A hash # symbol will specifies id element in CSS.

Example: Using CSS to style an element with id “firstHeader”: <style> #firstHeader{ background-color: lightgreen; color: yellow; padding: 25px; text-align: left; } </style> <h2 id=” firstHeader”> First H2 Header </h2>

This id attribute can use for any of HTML element. These are case-sensitive id values we need to identify that case-sensitive manner and this id require at least one character. While creating id values we need not to give spaces, commas, etc.

learn html5 tutorial for beginners

Class and ID usage
HTML5 unique id

In Html element can only have one unique id that belongs to that single element to use, using of class name can also be use multiple times in elements.

Example: <style> /* Style the element with id “#firstHeader” */ #firstHeader{ Background-color: lightgreen; color: yellow; padding: 25px; text-align: left; } /* Style all elements with class name “school” */ .school { background-color: lightyellow; color: black; padding : 20px; } </style> <! --A unique element header id --> <h2 id=”firstHeader”> My Schools </h2> <! --same element using multiple times --> <h2 class=”school”> St. Patrics School </h2> <p>This is basic schooling level.</p> <h2 class=”school”> St. Johns School </h2> <p>This is Junior schooling level.</p> <h2 class=”school”> Public School </h2> <p>This is advanced schooling level.</p>

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