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Q. Mention what is Flask-WTF and what are their features?
A. Flask-WTF offers simple integration with WTForms. Features include for Flask WTF are
Integration with wtforms
Secure form with csrf token
Global csrf protection
Internationalization integration
Recaptcha supporting
File upload that works with Flask Uploads

Q. Explain how can you access a module written in Python from C?
A. You can access a module written in Python from C by following method,
Module = =PyImport_ImportModule("");
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Q. Explain what is the common way for the Flask script to work?
A. The common way for the flask script to work is Either it should be the import path for your application Or the path to a Python file.

Q. Mention five benefits of using Python?
A. Python comprises of a huge standard library for most Internet platforms like Email, HTML, etc.
Python does not require explicit memory management as the interpreter itself allocates the memory to new variables and free them automatically
Provide easy readability due to use of square brackets
Easy-to-learn for beginners
Having the built-in data types saves programming time and effort from declaring variables

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top python professional interview questions and answers

Q. Mention the use of the split function in Python ?
A. The use of the split function in Python is that it breaks a string into shorter strings using the defined separator. It gives a list of all words present in the string.

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