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Q. How many sequences are supported by Python?
A. Python supports 7 sequence types. They are str, list, tuple, unicode, byte array, xrange, and buffer. where xrange is deprecated in python 3.5.X.

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Q. How to display the contents of text file in reverse order?
A. convert the given file into a list. reverse the list by using reversed() Eg: for line in reversed(list(open(“file-name”,”r”))): print(line)

Q. Which of the following is an invalid statement in python?
A. a) abc = 2,000,000
b) a b c = 2000 3000 4000
c) a,b,c = 2000, 3000, 4000
d) a_b_c = 2,000,000
Answer: b

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Q. Write reverse a list in Python?
A. list.reverse() Reverses objects of list in place.

Q. To read a file c:\log.txt for reading?
A. fileReader = open(“c:\\log.txt”, “r”)
Note: this is the path is defined shown here for local system it differ for online and relative network paths.

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