top 20 Python Interview Questions and Answers

Beginners python interview Questions and Answers

top Python Interview Questions and Answers

Q. How to remove last object from a list in python?
A. list.pop(obj=list[-1])
it Removes and returns last object or obj from list.

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python interview questions and answers top interview Questions and Answers

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Q. In list1 is [2, 44, 121, 07, 88], What is list1[-1] ? i.e last object?
A. 88

Q. To open a file c:\message.txt for writing?
A. fileWriter = open(“c:\\message.txt”, “w”)
Answer: b

crack python interview questions and answers

Q. Tell Me few Python modules what you know ?
A. scipy – this module provides methods for doing numeric integrals, solving differential equations
numPy – this module provides an array/matrix type, and it is useful for doing computations on arrays.
pylab – is a module for generating and saving plots

Q. what is object oriented programming?
A. OOP is the programming paradigm based on classes and instances of those classes called objects. The features of OOP are in #python: #Encapsulation, #Data Abstraction, #Inheritance, #Polymorphism.

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