HTML5 Viewport tag tutorial for beginners

html5 Viewport tutorial

Viewport its Usage in HTML

Viewport tutorial for responsive page

In HTML5 feature is for web developer or designer to take control the viewport, using this meta tag.
It is used for view the web pages as viewer requested specifications i.e width and height of based on screen resolutions automatically it will adjust the web page.
As a meta tag where ever this feature is require you need to use this as metadata.

Example: <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0”> In discussion held on showing example of meta data tag of viewport will taken care of screen sizes based on screen adjusted.

HTML5 script tag usage

script tag its usage

In HTML script is used to write client-side JavaScript.
Will see an example with its usage

Example: <script> function firstFunction { document.getElementById("hello").innerHTML = "Hello World!"; } </script> <p id=”hello”></p>

html5 base tag
Base tag usage

In HTML base tag is used to specify base URL and base target for all relative URLs in a page.

Example: <base href=”” target=”_blank”>

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