HTML5 Comments tutorial for Beginners

HTML5 Comments tutorialHTML

HTML Comments

Comments in HTML

In HTML5 some time we need to comment a lines to hide the information to browsers web page i,e client-side view. To do this we need use comment tags to hide the text with in HTML source code of web page.

Basically these comments are very useful while writing HTML code with documentation, on writing HTML code we put a comment line at the starting on HTML code line and a comment line after the end of the HTML code. Will see more on examples.

HTML5 Comment Tags in HTML

Comments on HTML language

Syntax for Comment tag <!- - Write your comments here --> Observe that there is a exclamatory mark on starting tag and there is no exclamatory mark on end tag.. <!-- comment --> Example: <!- - This is about us paragraph begins here --> <p>we are for IT professionals for development, trainings and students real time projects</p> <!-- This is about us paragraph ends here -->

html5 tutorial for beginners
Debugging using Comment tag

Debugging in HTML

In HTML we can also identify the errors on code, while writing HTML code we may face some errors it may like syntax errors, additional spaces, quotations, end tag missing etc .., to identify the correct error lines and where to correct the code lines by commenting line by line and test the output to catch the correct place. Example: <!-- This is commenting tag block starts and this code line don’t show for this movement <img src=”logo.png” border=”1” alt=”logo”> -->

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