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Q. What are the Commands to use to save and exit from vi editor in Linux?
A. The following commands are used to exit from vi editors. 1. :wq saves the current work and exits the VI. 2. :q! exits the VI without saving current work.

Linux as server operating system using for secure environments

LINUX tutorial for beginners

Linux interview questions and answers

Q. What are commands used for Zip and Unzip files in Linux server?
A. 1. gzip = Compress File 2. gunzip = Uncompress File will use for Linux operating system

Q. What is file path of Alias name set byPermanent?
A. /etc/bashrc
Linux tutorial

Linux tutorial
LINUX tutorial for beginners linux Interview Questions

Linux interview questions and answers

Q. What is MBR in linux?
A. MBR is a Master Boot Recorder, it uses for booting operating system

Q. What are 2 Types of Mount in linux?
A. Temporary Mount and Permanent Mount
Temporary Mount for removable devices such as pendrive, cd/dvd or any other.
permanent Mounnting like harddrives, lun storage etc, it will remain connected on Linux system every boot or restart.

LINUX Linux interview questions and answers

top Linux interview questions and answers

Q. What is SWAP in Linux?
A. Linux uses swap space to increase the amount of virtual memory available to a host. It can use one or more dedicated swap partitions or a swap file on a regular filesystem or logical volume.

Q. What command use for Error checking and Error Fixing in Linux?
A. $ fsck and e2fsck

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