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Q. Why lambda forms in python does not have statements?
A. A lambda form in python does not have statements as it is used to make new function object and then return them at runtime.

Q. What is pass in Python?
A. Pass means, no-operation Python statement, or in other words it is a place holder in compound statement, where there should be a blank left and nothing has to be written there.
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Q. In Python what are iterators?
A. In Python, iterators are used to iterate a group of elements, containers like list.

Q. What is unit test in Python?
A. A unit testing framework in Python is known as unit test. It supports sharing of setups, automation testing, shutdown code for tests, aggregation of tests into collections etc.

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Q. In Python what is slicing?
A. A mechanism to select a range of items from sequence types like list, tuple, strings etc. is known as slicing.

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