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Basic Asp.Net C# interview Questions for freshers

Q. Can we have “try” block only without “catch” block in C#?

A. Yes, we can have only try block without catch block but we have to have finally block in web forms.

Q. List out any 2 different types of errors in C# web forms applications?

A. Here are the 2 errors in C# -
Compile Time Error
Run Time Error
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Q. Do we get error while executing “finally” block in C#?
A. Yes. We may get error in finally block also.

Q. Specify the assembly name where System namespace are available in C# web applications?
A. Assembly Name – mscorlib.dll will be used for components.

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Q. Explain Jagged Arrays in C#?
A. If the elements of an array is an array then it’s called as jagged array. The elements can be of different sizes and dimensions.

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