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Basic python data science interview Questions

Q. What are the types of data available in Enterprises?

A. Structured data
Unstructured data
Big data from social media, surveys, pictures, audio, video, drawings, maps.
Machine generated data from instruments
Real time data feeds.

Q. What are the various types of analysis on type of data?

A. Univariate – 1 variable
bivariate – 2 variables
multivariate – more than 2 variables.
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python data science interview questions and answers python is a high-level programming language using Data Science Now a days

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Data Science interview questions and answers for python top python interview Questions and Answers for data science

top data science python interview questions and answers

Q. What is difference between primary data and secondary data ?
A. Data collected by the interested/self is primary data. This data is collected afresh and first time.
Someone else has collected the data and being used by you is secondary data.

Q. Explain the difference between qualitative & quantitative in Data Science?
A. Quantitative method analyses the data based on numbers.
Qualitative method analyses the data by attributes.

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beginners python data science interview questions and answers

Q. How R commands are written?
A. By using # at the starting of the line of code like #division commands are written.

Q. What is histogram in data science?
A. Histogram is the accurate representation of numerical data based on their occurrences/frequencies.

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