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Basic python data science interview Questions

Q. Can the values be replaced in tuple?

A. No values cannot be replaced in tuple as tuple is data immutable.

Q. How you can produce co-relations and covariances?

A. Co-relations is produced by cor() and covariances is produced by cov() function.
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Data Science interview questions and answers for python top python interview Questions and Answers for data science

top data science python interview questions and answers

Q. What are lambda function in Python and how it is different from def (defining functions) in Python?
A. Lambda function in Python is used for evaluating an expression and then return a value. Where as def needs a function name, and the program logic is broken into smaller chunks. Lambda is an inline function consisting of only a single expression, It can take any number of arguments.

Q. Difference between supervised and unsupervised machine learning in Data Science?
A. Supervised learning is a method where it needs training specified data. When it gets to Unsupervised learning it doesn’t need data labeling.

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Q. How to differentiate from KNN and K-means clustering?
A. KNN is standing for the K- Nearest Neighbours, it remains classified because a supervised algorithm. K-means is an unsupervised cluster algorithm.

Q. What is your opinion on our current data process in data science?
A. This type of questions signifies asked and the individuals must to carefully listen to their value case and at this same time, the return should be in a constructive also insightful manner.

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