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Basic python data science interview Questions

Q. What is residual in a regression task?

A. The difference between the predicted value and the actual value is called the residual.

Q. What are the main classifications in Machine learning?

A. Supervised learning
Unsupervised learning
Reinforcement learning.
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python data science interview questions and answers python is a high-level programming language using Data Science Now a days

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Q. What are the disadvantages of R Programming ?
A. The disadvantages are:-
Lack of standard GUI
Not good for big data.
Does not provide spreadsheet view of data.

Q. What are the main types of supervised learning tasks in Data Science?
A. Classification task [categorical in nature]
Regression task [continuous in nature].

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Q. What is R square value?
A. R squared values tells us how close the regression line is fit to the actual values.

Q. What are some common ways of imputation in data science?
A. Mean imputation, median imputation, KNN imputation, Stochastic regression, substitution.

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