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Basic python data science interview Questions

Q. Do you explain the word Botnet ?

A. A botnet is a type of bot running on an IRC network created with a Trojan.

Q. What is data visualization ?

A. Data visualization is a common word, which helps to understand the importance of data in a visual context.
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Q. How to Clean Data is an Important Part of the Process ?
A. Cleaning the data at the point of work is a great job. If we try to fix the sources of uncontrollable data like this plane, our time can take up to 80%.

Q. Which language is suitable for text analysis? R or Python in Data Science?
A. Because Python has a rich library called Python, researchers allow high quality data analysis tools and data structures, while R does not have this feature. So Python is more suited to text analysis.

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Q. Explain how data is aggregated in R ?
A. There are two methods that is collapsing data by using one or more BY variable and other is aggregate() function in which BY variable should be in list.

Q. How many sorting algorithms are available in Python data science?
A. There are 5 types of sorting algorithms are used which are:-
Bubble Sort
Selection Sort
Merge Sort
Quick Sort
Bucket Sort.

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