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Basic python data science interview Questions

Q. Explain the main components of a data science project ?

A. Understanding Business Requirement
 Data acquisition and preparation
 Data Analysis, Visualization & inference
 Project Management.

Q. What is Artificial Intelligence ?

A. It’s the ability of a computer to learn by itself by being exposed to lots and lots of data. It uses repetitive iterations of predictions and error corrections to get better and better at predictions. ML is a subset of AI and DL is a subset of ML.
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python data science interview questions and answers python is a high-level programming language using Data Science Now a days

Data Science

Data Science interview questions and answers for python top python interview Questions and Answers for data science

top data science python interview questions and answers

Q. Name some Python libraries used in Deep Learning ?
A. Keras

Q. What are the basic responsibilities of a Data Scientist in Data Science?
A. As a data scientist, we have the responsibility to make complex things simple enough that anyone without context should understand, what we are trying to convey.
The moment, we start explaining even the simple things the mission of making the complex simple goes away. This happens a lot when we are doing data visualization.

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beginners python data science interview questions and answers

Q. What is Data Science ?
A. It’s a science and methodology of acquiring data, pre-processing data, analyzing data , visualizing data and drawing meaningful conclusions from the data to drive the business need.

Q. Name some Python Libraries used in Machine Learning in Python data science?
A. Numpy

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