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Q. What are the common measures of central tendencies?

A. Mean

Q. What are quartiles in the data?

A. Quartiles are three points in the data, that divide the data into four groups. Each group consisting of a quarter of data.
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Q. What is t-tests() in R ?
A. It is used to determine that the means of two groups are equal or not by using t.test() function.

Q. What are the commonly used error metrics in regression tasks in Data Science?
A. MSE – Mean squared error – Average of square of errors
RMSE – Root mean square error – root of MSE
MAPE – Mean absolute percentage error.

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Q. What are the commonly used error metrics for classification tasks?
A. F1 score

Q. What is it called when there are more than 1 explanatory variables in the regression task in data science?
A. Multiple linear regression.

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