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Q. What is VLDB?

A. A very large database, or VLDB, is a database that contains an extremely large number of tuples (database rows), or occupies an extremely large physical file system storage space. A one terabyte database would normally be considered to be a VLDB.

Q. Tell me some of Classification Algorithms?

A. Linear Classifiers: Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes Classifier, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Neural Networks, K Nearest Neighbor.
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Data Science interview questions and answers for python top python interview Questions and Answers for data science

top data science python interview questions and answers

Q. What are pros and cons of Naive Bayes algorithm ?
A. Big sized data is handled easily
Multiclass performance is good and accurate
It is not process intensive
Cons: Assume an independence of predictor variables.

Q. Explain the types of Skewness Data Science?
A. A dataset that is skewed right or left are the two types.

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Q. What is skewed data?
A. A data distribution that is has skewed data towards the right or left.

Q. What is the skewness of this data presented in data science?
A. Ex- 26 ; 28 ; 31 ; 32 ; 34 ; 39 ; 41 ; 43 ; 44 ; 45 ; 46 ; 53 ; 58 ; 64
The data set is skewed left.

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