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Basic python data science interview Questions

Q. What is the difference between series and list?

A. list is size and data mutable
series is data mutable but not size mutable.

Q. Which function is used to get descriptive statistics of a data frame?

A. describe().
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Q. What parameter is used to update the data without explicitly assigning data to a variable ?
A. Inplace is used to assign result of function to itself. If inplace = True , there is no need to explicitly assign to a variable.

Q. What is the use of With() and By() function in R on Data Science?
A. with() function applies an expression to a dataset.
By() function applies a function t each level of a factors. 

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Q. What is R square value?
A. R squared values tells us how close the regression line is fit to the actual values.

Q. What are some common ways of imputation in data science?
A. Mean imputation, median imputation, KNN imputation, Stochastic regression, substitution.

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