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Q. How you use and what methods for data visualizations can be effectively used ?

A. In addition to giving insights in a very effective and efficient manner, data visualization can also be used in such a way that it is not only restricted to bar, line or some stereotypic graphs. Data can be represented in a much more visually pleasing manner.

Q. In real time situation how you will understand and faced during data analysis?

A. Breaking the problem down to a granular level and understanding takes a lot of time and practice to master. Coming back to square one in data science projects can be seen in lot of companies and even in your own project.
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Q. Explain the Advantages of Tableau Prep?
A. Tableau Prep will reduce a lot of time like how its parent software (Tableau) does when creating impressive visualizations. The tool has a lot of potentials in taking professionals from data cleaning; merging step to creating final usable data that can be linked to Tableau desktop for getting visualization and business insights.

Q. What is the common perception about visualization?
A. People think visualization as just charts and summary information. But they are beyond that and drive business with a lot of underlying principles. Learning design principles can help anyone build effective and efficient visualizations and this Tableau prep tool.

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Q. What are the time series algorithms?
A. Time series algorithms like ARIMA, ARIMAX, SARIMA and Holtwinters are very interesting to learn and use as well to solve a lot of complex problems for businesses. Data preparation for time series analysis plays a vital role. The stationarity, seasonality, cycles and noises need time and attention. Take as much time as you would like to make the data right. Then you can run any model on top of it.

Q. How to choose the right chart in case of creating a viz?
A. Using the right chart to represent data is one of the key aspects of data visualization and design principle. You will always have options to choose from when deciding on a chart. That dictates everything in the dashboard.

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