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Q. What is difference between matrix and dataframes?

A. Dataframe can contain different type of data but matrix can contain only similar type of data.

Q. Difference between Machine learning and Data Mining?

A. Data mining is about going about unstructured data and when extracting this to a level anywhere that interesting also unknown patterns remain identified.
Machine learning is any process or a concept whether it closely relates designing, development of the algorithms that give an experience within these machines on the capacity to learn.
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python data science interview questions and answers python is a high-level programming language using Data Science Now a days

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top data science python interview questions and answers

Q. Explain about from capture of the correlation between continuous and categorical variable?
A. It is possible to that using ANCOVA technique. It exists for Analysis of Covariance. It is used to calculate this association between continuous including categorical variables.

Q. Difference between an Array and a Linked list in Data Science?
A. An array is an established method of collection objects. A linked program is a group of objects that are prepared into sequential order.

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Q. Difference between “long” and “wide” format data?
A. In the wide form, each subject’s happened responses will remain in a separate row, and each answer is into a separate column.
In the long format, each data is a one-time time by subject. You can understand data in wide form by that fact that columns usually design groups.

Q. What is difference between lapply and sapply in data science?
A. lapply is used to show the output in the form of list whereas sapply is used to show the output in the form of vector or data frame.

Q. What do you know by the term Normal Distribution?
A. Data is usually distributed under many ways including a bias on the port or over the benefit or it can all be jumbled up.
However, there continue indications that data is distributed on a central position without bias to the left or right more gives natural order in some form of a bell-shaped curve.
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